Starting up again


This is turning into a journey. Sharing my creations with others is rewarding and I’m getting better at presenting my craft. I’ve always made things and crafted. This home business, start-up, work or whatever it is allows me to express my creative side along with my ever-enthusiastic two-year-old daughter. She’s playing by the window with an atlas map while we watch “Frozen” together in my in-law’s house. ¬†Sometimes she picks up a pair of pliers and some beads and says, “work, work” while I’m making jewelry too.

A lot has changed since we started five years ago. I first started MOS in 2011, after I graduated university with a bachelor’s in Political Science. Back then, I tried to make padded pouches to sell with my husband’s glass to head shops while going to school to help us make a little more. My husband, Sobe, has been blowing glass since 2007 under the name Soberstone Glass and we’ve always worked together to sell his glass in the area. Prior to MOS, I started Chestnut Stitches for my hand-sewn bags, aprons, and pouches. With the help of a friend that was also knitting, sewing and making jewelry, we shared tables at the holiday bazaars. It was small and I made a few sales even though my creations weren’t necessarily holiday themed.


Now it’s 2016 and I’m jumping all-in into this home business! I create because I can. For a long time, I had to make things I wanted because I could never afford a gown or expensive “designer” jewelry. I want to share my craft with the world. I have to sell my stuff because I certainly can’t wear it all myself. I want other people to feel beautiful and special when they wear my designs. I want to be a good role model for my daughter and support me and my family.

In the future, as my business grows and I can support myself more, I want to create a non-profit organization that teaches kids and adults basic, economic skills. I already love to teach how to sew and make jewelry. I dream of place where people can go to learn DIY or how to refine one’s skill to create practical and resourceful objects for the home and community. In the age of technology and scientific advancement, I think it is important to continue to share our resources responsibly and to avoid unnecessary waste whenever possible. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

I’m create for a number of reasons, many of which seem to be a natural propensity for creating and finishing something special. This is my path that I have chosen, for better or for worse. I’m genuine, strong-willed and my art is my salvation. I hope is that by producing handmade fashion accessories I can be apart of a supportive community that recognizes my hard work. And to hear everyone tell me how awesome my jewelry is!

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

-Blessed Be







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