All wrapped up


It’s fall and I’m so happy for the new season. This summer was full of vending and serious crafting.  I took my art to the local market every weekend even when I was exhausted from working the week right before. Sobe was there helping me every week with displays and setting up as well as watching Miss Milli while I was at work downtown.

Here’s a glimpse of the booth this summer:


Our booth looked really good for Hempstalk! We had my jewelry and accessories and Soberstone Glass (pictures taken from my friend’s post, I didn’t get a chance to take many product shots):


My hubby helped set up and watch the booth, my sister helped the whole time with customers, and a friend even came by to help watch over the booth. My in-laws were amazing too, helping watch Miss Milli for the weekend while mommy and daddy worked.

Halloween is coming up and I can’t wait to dress Miss Milli up. Last year she was a little pirate fairy. Since the family went to FaerieWorlds this year, she’s in love with mermaids and fairies. Milli’s just more expressive and learning new things. She’s talking more and more. She’s always polite, “more milk, please” or asking “mommy, daddy, chip? ok”. I love her so much! Look how adorable she is as a Rainbow Fairy:



Next on the MOS list is preparing for the Holidays! Weeeeeeeeeee!! There’s a boat-load of jewelry to make in-between the harvest season responsibilities. I sold a substantial amount of my jewelry this summer and have to replace sold pieces (that I hope are now going to be popular). I still have a beautiful collection of polished cabs of labradorite, agate, and faceted gems that will look fabulous once they are wrapped up. I can’t wait to make more art! I appreciate that my work finds loving homes ❤

Blessed Be!







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